The Process

WebSiteSupplier.Com offers web site business solutions. The best websites are born through a partnership with our clients input and then combined with our working knowledge of the Internet and business. Our clients have input and control throughout the process.

We are Students First

We learn about your current business, markets, process, competition and customers. We learn about your products, services, distribution channels, sales and marketing programs. We learn your short and long term goals and objectives. We identify specific needs, budgets and project timelines.

Plan Creation

Project objectives define the planning.. A target customer specific to the Internet is defined so that the site can be tailored to that customer. Content is created and organized so that clear navigation can be designed into the web site. Our experience allows us to anticipate and outline solutions to potential pitfalls and problems in advance. We select the technologies that will meet the defined objectives.

At the conclusion of this phase, we prepare a detailed proposal that includes, a detailed analysis of design, promotion, marketing, and technical requirements. We prioritize requirements in order of importance. We create a timeline for implementation. We estimate maximum hours required to complete each component of the project and detail the methods for preliminary and final project approvals. We then add projected maintenance and future services suggestions or estimates. In addition we supply a bid for the project broken down by component.

We present and review the proposal with you to ensure that it meets our defined objectives and falls within our budget requirements. Once finalized and approved, the proposal will serve as our blueprint for our mutually beneficial business relationship.

Internet Web Site Design, Production and Testing

We follow the project timeline outlined in the proposal. Formal reviews are scheduled, first a draft review and then a final draft review. The site is thoroughly tested by both of our staffs before final installation.

Clients are encouraged to view the Internet web site during its design and development. A hidden directory is set up on our server for this. Feedback is harvested and is included throughout the process.

Promotion, Publication  and Launch

Once production is complete and both of our expectations and objectives have been fully satisfied, we begin the Internet web site publication, launch and promotion. Prior to Internet web site installation, we prepare you through training, documentation. We forward any the knowledge from the production phase to you for future use

After publication on the Internet server(s), we use a combination of marketing formats to encourage your current and or future customers to visit the Internet web site. Search engine registrations, Internet advertising, Internet partnerships and associations, conventional print media's, and press releases will normally be used to generate quality traffic to your Internet web site.

Maintenance and Support

Maintaining your Internet web site in a up to date state in both content and technology is vital to reaching and maintaining an audience. WebSiteSupplier.Com uses a variety of measurement tools to ensure success. We monitor search engine relevance, visitor input, create traffic analyses reports and facilitate the transfer of content in and out of the Internet web site. During our continuing business relationship, we make recommendations on a as needed basis to meet your business objectives.

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